Butt Out & Squat Correctly September 17, 2017 14:01

The squat exercise is the best functional exercise to do to maintain/improve lower body strength.  But, too often the exercise is not performed correctly.  Many times people fail to butt out.

When doing a squat, try standing behind a chair with your palms on your hips and fingertips touching the back of the chair backrest in front of you.  If the squat is done correctly your fingertips will move away from the chair backrest.  This means that you are performing the proper hip flexion needed to - butt out.

Keep your feet about hip width apart, knees behind your toes and head up looking forward. Use a seat height as a guide for how low to squat down.  But remember, it is more important to squat correctly and not how low you squat!


Stay Healthy,


John O'Donnell, LAT, ATC, CSCS